In front of officetels that hide and open next to offictel as known as 오피, massage as known as 마사지,건마,안마 is openly operated based on a stationary base, so the general public has many questions. 'Why not arrest?' In addition, as mentioned above, famous businesses in Gangnam have their signboards on the roadside, or even if they hid in the alleys, they have been using colorful neon signs and entrance decorations to write'It is a massage room' for many years or more than ten years. I am in business.

Nevertheless, the biggest reason the police do not crack down on this is to tolerate the business of these businesses to some extent. Of course, I am not very tolerant, and I try to catch it as much as possible, and although several massage parlors are arrested or caught every year nationwide, it is not intended to be actively regulated by investing massive human resources and resources as in the 2004 Special Act on Prostitution.
In fact, the biggest reason for the Korean police to tolerate 마사지,건마,안마, massage rooms is that the uniqueness of the Korean system works, and the business of massage parlors is a very complex problem involving the livelihoods of masseuses with visual impairments. As mentioned above, most, or almost all, prostitution-related massage parlors in existence are legal massage parlors, at least in writing, to avoid police scrutiny and arrest. And in order to become a legitimate massage parlor, it's natural, but you have to hire official blind masseuses. Therefore, even massage parlors that provide illegal sex trafficking employ official blind masseuses to provide their living. So, if a massive crackdown on Korean massage rooms (마사지,건마,안마) occurs, there will be a problem in which many of the blind masseuses lose their means of living in no time.

Of course, the massage room 마사지 is so good? This is not to say that you shouldn't crack down because you work. It just means that the current problem is so twisted that you need to understand the situation and solve it. After the massive crackdown, the location of the massage parlor was really cunning and vulgar, and it is a cancerous entity that has eaten the future of the potentially blind masseur or the blind population, and is still eating it. Of course, they cannot be said to be pure victims, but it is also inappropriate to say that they are solely responsible for the illegal group taking over and exploiting the holes in the system. In the end, it is a difficult problem to be solved until the social safety net for the blind is fully in place. Most of all, the politician's responsibility to leave the job of securing a safety net for the socially disadvantaged to these illegal groups is the greatest.
In addition, although the massage parlor is first listed in the officetel document, it is secretly operated in the place where ordinary citizens live and does not cause damage to ordinary citizens. You may not be able to understand why citizens are hurt by officetels, but since officetels are residential areas, there is a lot of room for friction with residents. When it is known that security is unstable and prostitution is being carried out because there are many people in and out of the officetel, the real estate price becomes the main culprit of the collapse immediately. They also scam bad misunderstandings. When a young couple or a couple lives in an 오피 officetel, women are often misunderstood. Even on the Internet, there was an episode of a woman who misunderstood herself as an officetel worker and resentful when she saw a note that she said was an off-white girl in front of her visit.

On the other hand, compared to officetels 오피, it is operated in an independent space, so damage directly to ordinary citizens is less. So, it's easy to control. Of course, if you rent the top floor or the second highest floor of the building, other businesses such as hospitals, restaurants, offices, and other businesses on the lower floors may be damaged somewhat, but the damage does not increase like an officetel. In fact, it's not just the damage. If you look near the massage room, there is a restaurant right in front of you, and it is natural, but these restaurants are very good business. In the case of 마사지,건마,안마, massage rooms that rent several floors in the building, there are often hospitals such as plastic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and dentistry. In addition, as mentioned above, almost all massage rooms are located on the top floor or the second highest floor of a building, so other businesses in the same building rarely suffer damage unless they go up to the top floor intentionally through stairs.
In addition, unlike so-called'Pakchon' such as Miari and Yongjugol, this side does not do well in outright and annoying solicitation, and because it is used by people with some economic power, it is relatively quiet compared to other businesses. Side. In reality, people who want to see'this is not a policeman' sometimes engage in solicitation to some extent.

Such tacit care is revealed to some extent because the administrative disposition itself is light. If you are caught in the crackdown on prostitution, you will be warned first, and business will be suspended secondarily. It is only the third time that they are arrested and punished by criminal law.
Of course, unlike officetels 오피, it is far from ordinary citizens, so there is no need for ordinary citizens to damage, and accordingly, there is little exposure of evidence and fewer reports, making prosecution difficult. The South Korean police are powerful, but not omnipresent. I can't do a trap investigation, no matter how obviously I know that'that's 100%'. Only when the charges are revealed can an investigation and prosecution be conducted after that. ‘That’s definitely a massage room,’ and a detective works undercover without permission, disguises as a user, and captures evidence of prostitution and arrests it? It's a trap investigation. You have to find the grounds or suspicion of prostitution, but the massage room is not easy. Officetel is easy. If I accidentally touched a normal resident planting, I told the police,'I witnessed prostitution there. When the accusation goes in, the police say that it'has gotten well' and are taken to the police. But it's not easy for a massage room (마사지,건마,안마).
The fact that officetels are easy to get search warrants is that it hurts the general public for the reasons mentioned above. It is easy to get a search warrant if a few ordinary citizens living in officetels complain and testify or report. It's easy to catch physical evidence, but first, you can slam the pimp, confiscate the key, open the door and enter. Mostly, they don't go on time and use the 5:20 and 30 minute time zones, because officetel (오피) sales are conducted every hour on the hour, so 20 or 30 minutes are the time for sexual activity.