The 9 Best G-Spot Vibrators for Perfect Internal Stimulation in 2020

Among the best toys to stimulate a woman's G-spot with repetitive moves and strokes in combination with firm clitoral stimulation. These toys are amazing sexual partners when in need for solo masturbation and perfect ways to spice up your love life with intense sexual foreplay along your partner.

What is a G-spot vibrator?


The vibrator for the G-spot is a specially designed sex toy which resembles a normal vibrator but which has a curved head aimed to provide vibrations and strokes to the G-spot which is located in the inner front wall of the vagina. The best G-spot vibrators come with the curved head but also with a second head that's smaller, aimed to stimulate the clitoral zone in the same time. Such combination often leads to amazing results of huge orgasmic stimulation.


Types and main characteristics


G-spot vibrating toys can be:



    • Finger G-spot vibrators;


    • Double headed G-spot vibrators;


    • Rotating.



Each of these types can be found in many other forms with plenty of features for the best experiences. G-spot vibrators can be slim, thick, big or mini as well as multi speed ones or with remote control. Either way, the main purpose is the same, to stimulate the inner wall of the vagina in order to hit the G-spot and in the end, provide the best orgasms.

The main characteristic is the strong and pulsating vibration of the head which is inserted in the vagina. It's specially designed curved and egg shaped to perfectly cover the whole inner area where it needs to stimulate.


A G-spot stimulator vibrator are also made out of multiple forms of material with different textures and they also come in many sizes. That leads to an even bigger number of types and features, making these awesome toys to be highly rated and appreciated.


How to choose the best G-spot vibrator?


The best G-spot vibrator is the one that makes you feel amazing and causes you orgasms every time. To say which one is the best is almost impossible. While some users prefer the clit and G-spot vibrators, others love using the finger G-spot vibrator as their best choice. However there are some few tips in helping you choose the best toy for you.



  • Seek for G-spot vibrator reviews with positive content;

  • Inform yourself about the differences between types;

  • Choose the material that suits your needs best;

  • Select from the best rated G-spot vibrators on the market.

    How to choose the right size?


    A female G-spot vibrator can vary in length from 3-4 inches and up to 13 inches. In order to choose the right size you must first decide whether you need a big one or small G-spot vibrator. Once you decide on that thing, selecting the right size should be easy. Beginners are recommended to start with smaller inches while more experienced users are let to decide which size they desire. A 12 inches toy might hurt a first timer while a 3 inches one could provide nothing but nerves to a more experienced person.



      • Most powerful G-spot vibrators are not in big sizes;


      • Rotating G-spot vibrators are recommended in medium size (5-7 inches);


      • Beginners should go for small to medium sized toys.



    These recommendations are best for an optimum experience with your G-spot vibration toy but they are not mandatory in any way. A used should be free to experience sexual stimulation in any way he likes therefore, using and choosing the right size for such a toy is up to the users discretion.


    Choosing the right material, shape and texture


    Just like when choosing the size for your G-spot sexual vibrator, choosing the right material, shape and texture is also a thing of personal taste. If you read positive G-spot vibrator reviews and you gather the right information about your desires toy, choosing the right material, shape and texture should be easy. However sellers provide basic information and general details about this matter.



  • Choose a material that suits your sexual needs best – Rubber and silicone G-sport vibrators offer a more realistic feel when inserted. Other materials like plastic or ABS are more rigid and offer a smooth feeling when inserted.

  • Choose the shape to better stimulate your vagina – some G-spot toys come with a curved head which is egg shaped while others have a curves head that's sharper and more bullet shaped. Some have external clitoral stimulatiors while others don't.

  • Feel the texture if possible or seek for feedback from other users. G-spot vibrators reviews are always a smart way to find out more about these details.

    How to use and store a female G-spot vibrator?


    Using a G-spot vibrator is simple and reliable, all you need to do is turn it on and insert it gently inside the vagina. The curved head will do his job and intense strokes and vibrations, depending on the model and type of toy, will stimulate your G-spot. The toys will additional clitoral stimulator will work in the same time with rubbing the clitoris or the area.

    G-spot clitoral vibrators for women should be kept in dry places and safe from extreme heat. They should be cleaned every time when used and maintained in proper hygiene. This will help you enjoy an extended life of your toy, safe from possible and unwanted infections.