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Take Courage to Inform Yourself

Be brave. The biggest hurdle is not knowing. Don’t let fear get in the way of your health. Ignore what other people say and think, your health is more important and you’re better than that! Put your health first and get tested for HIV. Once you’ve done it you’ll be informed and be in control. 

Antibody-Screening Test

The most common HIV test is the antibody-screening test (also called immunoassay), which tests for the presence of the specific antibodies that the body produces in response to its infection with HIV.

RNA Test

The HIV RNA test is one of the most recently developed HIV tests. HIV is a type of virus that encodes the genetic information in RNA instead of DNA. Therefore, anyone living with HIV will have the HIV RNA inside some of their cells

Fourth-Generation HIV Test

A fourth-generation HIV test refers to an HIV test with the ability to diagnose HIV earlier than previous generations of HIV tests



See How Others Living with HIV Positevly