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Partner Organisations​

MAC recognises the enormous significance of the community response to HIV/AIDS. MAC recognises the enormous significance of the community response to HIV/AIDS. We seek out and build new partnerships and connections to help strengthen education, support services, local healthcare capacity and capabilities, reduce stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS and the development and evaluation of new interventions and approaches to health service delivery.

Partner Organisations

The MAC Secretariat serves as an administrative body of the Malaysian AIDS Council that manages the day-to-day operations of the Council.

Step 1

Write in officially to the Honorary Secretary, Malaysian AIDS Council, on your request to become a member. Complete application form.

Step 2

Enclose the following documents to [email protected] for the membership review process.

1.Background information on your Organisation, including:

      • Establishment and history
      • Registration
      • Constitution
      • Particulars of Office Bearers
      • Sources of funds
      • Organisation Audited Account

2.Information on Programmes undertaken by your Organisation

    • A programme brief
    • Nature of activities/services offered
    • Target audiences
    • Scope of Programmes
    • HIV/AIDS-related programmes conducted in the past

3.A one-year workplan on your intended programmes on HIV/AIDS

4.A cover letter addressed to the Malaysian AIDS Council, including reasons why you would like to join MAC

5.Your Organisation’s brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, info cards etc

Step 3

Upon receipt and review of the above documents, MAC Secretariat will call for a meeting.

Step 4

MAC Secretariat will make a site visit.

Step 5

MAC Secretariat will then submit a report to MAC Executive Committee (EXCO) Meeting, which is held every three months, and your application will then be tabled.

Step 6

After obtaining approval from MAC EXCO, the Hon. Secretary will endorse the application in the Council Meeting.